Sophie Reeves

Alumni Ambassador
Photo of Sophie Reeves
Eastern Himalayas: West Bengal to Sikkim
Boulder, CO

Namaste! My name is Sophie Reeves, I am 16 years old, and I am a junior in high school. I live in Boulder, Colorado, and while I love waking up to the sight of the Rocky Mountains every morning, this summer I was given the opportunity to trade my mountains with the rolling green hills, covered with tea plants, of northeast India. I spent the month with an incredible group of people and encountered many more kind and welcoming individuals along the way. What struck me the most was the strong sense of community, support, and genuine happiness that was noticeable everywhere we traveled, because it is not something that is as common in the United States. I truly believe that my trip with Dragons left a profound impact on my life and my perspective on the world, and I hope that by being a Dragons ambassador, I will be able to share this amazing experience with anyone who is willing to listen and open their minds to the idea of traversing the unknown and unfamiliar. A few other facts about me are that I play soccer year-round, I have the most adorable dog in the world, and I love to read and write.

The craziest thing I have ever done…
Two crazy things that I have done are waking up at 3 am to travel as far up Longs’ Peak in Colorado as possible on horseback and taking a “super jeep” tour with my family across a glacier in Iceland (and later snowmobiling on that glacier as well). I also ate puffin and whale on that trip. Yuck.


If I had a year to burn, I would…
I would spend the year scuba diving in as many places as possible throughout the world. I would also spend a lot of time backpacking across Europe and Asia to see places that I have never seen before, particularly the Middle East, Japan, and China. I would definitely go back to India to visit my homestay families for a while and regain a little bit of the magic that is contained in those places. I would take lots and lots and lots of photos and essentially just forget about life for a little while.


Something I would like to tell prospective students…

You’re going to be scared, you’re going to be nervous, and most likely you will find yourself in the airport right before departure questioning your entire life and how in the world you will be able to go to a brand new place for a month with complete strangers while also getting the most out of every sight, every smell, and every adventure. This is normal. It happened to me, and I’m sure it happened to many other people that have partaken in a Dragons experience. My advice is to not be afraid to face the unknown, because what you will experience while on a Dragons program is different than anything you have and will ever experience in your life. Be yourself, because the individuals on the trip with you will be some of the least judgmental and supportive people that you’ll ever encounter, and they are going through the same things that you are going through. Most importantly, be open-minded towards new and different situations or cultural traditions, be respectful and mindful, and remember to hold on to the lessons that Dragons taught you for long after the journey comes to a close.