Seth Fisher-Olvera

Alumni Ambassador
Photo of Seth Fisher-Olvera
Guatemala: Spanish Langauge Intensive
St. George's, VT

Hey everyone, my name is Seth and I live outside Burlington, Vermont.  I am a junior at Vermont Commons School and am passionate about the sciences and global studies.  Last summer I traveled to Guatemala with Dragons where I spent the next month traveling and learning.  I came back energized to connect other prospective student travelers with an awesome experience.  In my free time, I love to play hockey and hike in the woods that surround my house.


I seek the unknown….

Because of my love for adventure.  To me, nothing can compare to the thrill of discovering the unknown, then diving deep into it, and learning all I can from it.  Why should I reuse my old habits when new ones are far more exciting?  I seek the unknown to find people and culture that are different from me.  I seek the unknown because it is so darn exciting.


My next big project….

The second I landed back in Miami from Guatemala I wanted to go back.  So, when the school year started, I have been brainstorming a way to plan a school trip to Guatemala.


Craziest thing I have ever done…

Either hiking five miles in Tamarindo, Costa Rica to La Roca de La Bruja (The Witch’s Rock) in order to go surfing.  Or doing a full nine-hour travel day using only rural Guatemalan Transport aka. Chicken Buses.