Emma Bailey

Alumni Ambassador
Photo of Emma Bailey
Peru: Sacred Mountain & Indonesia: Community, Culture, and Conservation
Edina, MN

¡Hola a todos! Selamat datang semua! I come from the wonderful land of 10,000 lakes (Minnesota) and am a senior at Edina High School. I’ve had the privilege to take two beautiful trips to both Peru and Indonesia with Dragons. I am incredibly passionate about experiential education and firmly believe that there is no better way to travel and explore than the Dragons way! No matter my physical location, I am an avid linguist, writer, and connector, all of which I am thankful to have been able to practice through my amazing Dragons experiences!


I first met Dragons…

In terminal J of the Miami Airport, where the air was filled with so much Spanish that my Midwestern brain felt completely transported, as if I was already in Peru. I remember asking where the bathroom was and being met with a Spanish response, to which I could only spit out “uh, baño?” My excitement was soon met with a familiar Dragons t-shirt, where I was led to a group of wonderful students that I would soon come to know very well.


I seek the unknown to….

Learn! Dragons is exciting because it’s nothing like the classroom wherein you control your own level of knowledge intake. Personally, when I venture into the unknown I like to turn up the introspection and challenge my brain to see the bigger, more global picture. I’ve often found that I discover myself only when I am “lost.”


The wildest thing I have ever done is……

Spearfishing and snorkeling off of Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. Or running 27 blocks to miss several buses and get stuck in New York City during a spontaneous Dragons reunion. Or fishing for piranhas in the Amazon region. Or just making it through my junior year of high school.