What we ask of you

By prioritizing immersive learning experiences, Adult participants are asked to expand their learning zones, embrace ambiguity, respect the goals of other group members and care for the cultural integrity of the communities we visit.

Join us on an adult program if you are excited to learn. Please join us if you want to engage your curiosity and explore new ways of interpreting the world around you, while finding new dimensions of yourself.

Join us if you are willing to be uncomfortable at times, for the sake of discovery; for no true adventure ever comes without a degree of challenge.

Join us if you are okay with a bit of ambiguity. We know from experience that the best moments of an journey abroad are most often unscripted, and so we allow for unscripted moments to happen. If you require a rigid itinerary, then our programs probably aren’t for you.

Join us if you value ethical cross-cultural engagement. We will eschew some hotels or experiences if we deem them to be unethically run. Please share in our commitment to participating in sustainable experiences, and to leaving the places we visit better off for our time there.

If you value adventure, if you seek epiphany, and if you hope to realize in each day the biggest learning amidst the broadest and most colorful experiences imaginable, please join us. Going ‘where there be dragons’ requires a sense of daring and willingness to embrace the unknown. If that’s where you are in life, join us on an adult program.

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