Style & Comfort

Built to realize the greatest learning of place, our Adult programs are also designed to care for the body, mind and soul of our participants.

At Dragons, we often refer to two kinds of fun: Fun A, and Fun B. Fun A is in-the-moment fun. Think ice cream at the beach. Fun B is the enjoyment that one has after participating in a challenging experience – it may be uncomfortable at the time, but provides a longer-lasting and more rewarding kind of fun… a sense of accomplishment, an epiphany realized, a deep memory made.

Dragons Adult programs are cut from the same cloth as our other courses: they place a premium on meaningful, intimate and authentic learning from place. Like our other courses, we engage in Fun B experiences. But on our adult courses, we build in a lot of Fun A. We seek out the best meals, enjoy comfortable digs, utilize more private transportation, and care for the comfort-needs of our adult participants. We’ll still ask you to expand your learning zone and take on a degree of discomfort, at times. We’ll just make sure to bookend those experiences with exceptional food, relaxing sleeping arrangements, and ample amounts of independence and down-time in quiet retreat spaces.

No Stars: You didn’t come for the frills… You’re happy sleeping just about anywhere so long as the sheets are clean.

One Star: Simple accommodation, shared bath, public and private transportation

Two Stars: Accommodation that ensures a good night’s rest, but nothing to write home about. May or may not have shared bath.

Three Stars: Comfortable accommodation to which you can retreat and disappear when needed. Private bath. Private transportation.

Four Stars: Great lodging, meals and comfortable private transport.

Five Stars: The best of the best. Fantastic hotels, excellent service, unbelievable meals, high-end private transport.

Professional Guides